Stronger Faster Healthier Strong
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Product Description

Stronger Faster Healthier Strong

  • Serum Protein Concentrate
    • Non-denatured and lactose-free: derived from USDA-approved, healthy cows
    • Absorbed quickly - about 30 minutes to reach peak absorption
    • Binds to small organic molecules and enhances absorption (e.g. creatine & glutamine)
    • Has a high biovalue for efficient integration into muscles
    • Antioxidant - high concentration of transferrin which binds free iron
    • Spikes IGF-1 levels 7x that of whey protein concentrate
    • Binds and delivers long chain fats to the liver for energy production
    • Extends life & function of nitric oxide
    • Also known as SPC, Super Serum or BSA
  • Creatine
    • Builds muscle mass, increases work output by boosting and sustaining high ATP levels
    • Promotes protein synthesis
    • Improves muscle hydration
  • Glutamine
    • Aids in muscle-building by removing excess ammonia which breaks down muscle tissue
    • Strengthens immune system
    • Increases growth hormone
    • Improves gut health

This coffee flavor is from natural decaffeinated coffee but a cup of decaffeinated coffee contains about 8-12mg of caffeine.

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not refrigerate.
  • Once opened use within 90 days.

Suggested Use

One scoop added to SFH PURE Whey or FUEL in the morning and/or one scoop added to SFH RECOVERY post workout.