Spider Chalk Block Chalk
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Product Description

Spider Chalk Mega Blocks are not only bigger, they last 2x longer than regular chalk blocks.

Spider Chalk does not use fillers, binders or drying agents. The unique manufacturing formula & process produces a denser, cleaner pure block that lasts longer during your workout. Your grip stays tacky and strong. Reapply less, get through your workout faster!

Pure ingredients and no fillers means limited dust, mess, and crumbles, Virtually no waste at the bottom of the chalk bucket also means you’re not throwing your money in the garbage.

Mega Blocks are quickly becoming the new gold standard use for powerlifters, gymnasts, weight lifters, and rock climbers and used in some of the top gyms in the country.

Did you know? Spider Chalk Mega Blocks are the only block chalk, Made in the USA. The chalk you have been using until now is made in China and full of fillers, additives, and things that just should not be inhaled.

Try Spider Chalk Mega Blocks Chalk for workout. You will feel the difference!