Momentum Gear XXL Speed Rope
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Product Description

2 Reasons Why Size Really Does Matter. (to double unders)

1. The Momentum XXL Speed Rope brings all the speed, precision and fluidity from the flagship Momentum ELITE edition speed ropes and extended the handle size for those athletes that perfer a longer handle. 

2. Customizing a jump rope to your height is one of the easiest ways to help perfect those elusive double unders. Picking out a rope off the wall in the gym is fine for a quick warm up. But when every rep matters in a WOD, having your own customized sized rope will definatley add rep counts to your total. 

  • 6 inch long, 1/2 " diameter handles made from hardened aircraft aluminum
  • Shot peened textured handles for a no slip grip.
  • Smooth spinning, anti-friction nylon bearings 
  • Tool-free cable adjustment, no need for any hardward
  • Made in the USA