JAW Pull up Gloves Pink with Black Stitch
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Product Description

JAW Pull-Up Gloves Pink with Black Stitch

  • JAW Hand Gloves give you all the protection of the JAW Grips . . . and more!  
  • Unlike leather gymnastic grips, these are made from material that won't generate bulk between you and the bar.   
  • You need to measure from the bottom of your hand to the bottom of your middle finger and match to the length below.  
  • When fitted properly, the fit will be snug for these hand grips.  
  • When you extend your hand, the JAW hand grips will extend too. 
  • These Gloves can be chalked and worn.
  • The finger holes have been left small to ensure the perfect fit.  Cut with sharp scissors and keep it the hole small, it will stretch over time.
  • The dirtier the better.  Don't wash the JAW Gloves regularly.