JAW Finger Sleeves
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Product Description

JAW Finger Sleeves

  • Great alternative to taping your hands when you lift barbells.  
  • Made with the same fabric and care as the JAW Grips, they will withstand the wear and tear of everyday lifting.  
  • They come in multiple sizes and are designed to fit each finger and the thumb for that hookgrip.  
  • They can withstand chalk just like your hands can.
  • Each size has a unique color so you can remember which color goes with which finger if you wear multiple ones.  
  • They will be tight when you first wear them but will stretch a  bit with time and become easier and more comfortable to put on.  
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made with a stretchy cotton
  • Multiple sizes for a great fit
  • Each size is a different color (no color choice - it's done on size) 
  • Can be chalked
  • Great alternative to tape

Sizing Directions

Measure the circumference of the finger you want to use the sleeve on and match the result to the corresponding size chart below.  These will stretch bit after being broken in.

Size Length Color
X-Small 1 37/64 Inches - 4 cm Teal
Small 1 31/32 Inches - 5 cm Pink
Medium 2 23/64 Inches - 6 cm Black
Large 2 3/4 Inches - 7 cm Green
X-Large 3 5/32 Inches - 8 cm Baby Blue