WODBand-Lower Body Warm Up & Exercise Band
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Product Description

WODBand: Lower Body Muscle Activation Band

  • Hip, Glute, Hamstring, Quad muscle warm up and muscle activation band
  • Great for use in pre-training and  warm up before workout to loosen and stretch tight muscles
  • Use during air squats or weighted squat exercises to keep knees in correct alignment over toes
  • Sized by body weight


Small: Under 120lbs

Large: 120-250lbs

X-Large: Over 250lbs

The WODBand is an instrumental tool for all serious athletes to have. It can be used for glute activation prior to exercise as well as a strengthening tool for the hip abductors and rotators. Hip abduction strength is crucial for hip, knee, ankle and back health with a lack in their strength being linked to multiple musculoskeletal disorders. Hip strength is particularly important in athletes for injury prevention and performance of proper movement patterns. The WODBand can easily be applied above the knees to provide resistance for these muscle groups just by walking laterally, forward, or backward and can also be used during bridges, squats, and a slew of other exercises.