WOD SuperStore AutoShip

What is the WODSS AutoShip program?

The AutoShip program allows you to set up an automatic shipment of your favorite products so you never run out. You can change anything, anytime so it’s very convenient.


Am I tied into any long term obligation if I enroll?

No. You can cancel, suspend, change or add to your AutoShip at any time, so no long term commitment is needed.


Can I cancel my AutoShip?

Yes. Log into your account and make the changes or just contact us.


Can I change the quantities on my AutoShip Shipment?

No problem. Complete management tools are found in your account or you can contact us and we can make the change for you.


When is the cutoff for changes to my currently scheduled AutoShip order?

Each order has a process date, any time before that date, the order can be changed.  For example, if your order is scheduled for 7/4, you won’t be able to call on the 4th to change it; you would need to contact us on the 3rd while we are open.


Can I add products or remove products from my AutoShip?

Yes, you can change the items in your AutoShip; they just need to be in the AutoShip program.  Not all products we sell are part of an AutoShip program.  


Do I get a discount with your AutoShip program?

Many products have a discount as part of the program, but not all. Please see each offer for specific details.


Current Auto Ship Product and Categories