Event Sponsorship Opportuities

Awesome Event Organizer,

We love our community and are continually looking for great events to support. With so many events each weekend it’s impossible for us to attend them all, no matter how badly we want too!  However, we have put together an awesome package to support your event, even though we cannot be there in person.



    • Wrist wraps – Prize for top 3 athletes in each division ($12.99 value)
    • Podium t-shirts for top 3 athletes in each division ($20.00 Value)
    • Free shipping code for your event spectators to use at WODSuperStore.com

Typically, event organizers honor the contributions above as credit towards sponsorship levels and the benefits that go along with them. Our goal is to support your event and build awareness of WOD SuperStore and ask for the following:

    • WOD SuperStore logo and link on your event website
    • WOD SuperStore promotion on your Social media channels
    • WOD SuperStore to release a WOD on wodsuperstore.com
    • WOD SuperStore logo printed on your event t-shirt
    • Exposure on event communications to athletes, volunteers and spectators

If you would like WOD SuperStore to be part of your event, even though we can’t “physically” be there, we’d love it. Simply fill out the events form by clicking HERE, confirm your sign-up and one of our Team Members will be in touch with you to get you what you need. IMPORTANT SPONSORSHIP REQUIREMENTS: No more than 24 prizes will be shipped and your event needs to have a official event website with a unique URL. Events using Eventbrite or Facebook Events to promote an event do not qualify for the WOD SuperStore sponsorship! We want to support your event and can issue you and your athletes a 15% discount to use for gear, accessories, apparel and performance wear to prepare for the event. Click HERE to send an email and receive your discount code.

We would love nothing more than to physically attend your event. Once we review your event details, our events team will evaluate it to see if there is any way possible we can make it happen. 

Thanks for allowing WOD SuperStore to be part of your event!