Event Sponsorship

Do you have a Super WOD event or competition?

Need a Super Sponsor? We want to know about it!

WODSuperStore.com is constantly looking to sponsor great events and competitions.

We may not be able to physically attend your event, however, we have fantastic "Podium" shirts and wrist wraps to give to your winners. Typically, event organizers give our prizes credit towards sponsorship levels and the benefits that go along with them. We ask that you place our logo on your event website and link it to www.wodsuperstore.com in exchange for your podium shirts and wrist wraps.

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Best to you and your event!


*Please note: Events require an event website. Facebook events and EventBrite event pages are not eligible to receive podium t-shirts and wrist wraps. A maximum of 24 wrist wraps will be shipped regardless of the number of podium places