Benefits and Carb Sources for Intra Workout Shakes

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About three months ago I finally broke down and purchased an RP Template to see how all these folks got such amazing results – losing fat while keeping muscle and strength. So far, it’s met all my expectations. While I don’t weigh each and every piece of food, it has given me excellent results even with my weekend adventures and wine drinking. I like to drink some wine and have desserts once in a while so it’s impressive that even with that, it works. 

The one thing I have been enjoying, and feeling like it really makes a difference in my workouts, is the intra workout carbs. I was a little puzzled at first on how I could drink surgery drinks like Kool-aid and Gatorade or even eat gummy bears but after doing a little research, I found out that there were some great benefits to it. And now I'm really enjoying my orange creamsicle shake before and during the workout each morning (more on that later).

So here are a key list of benefits in drinking the intra workout carbs:

Decreased Muscle Breakdown: Muscle breakdown can be reduced with carbohydrates. This will help with recovery.

Maintain Muscle Glycogen: As muscle glycogen is depleted, a whole host of things happen within your body naturally that results in your body getting fatigued so you will be forced naturally to conserve energy. 

Provide Readily Available Energy: Having this easily available fuel source will allow you to keep that high level of performance while you workout. This will help progress over time.

Improved Focus: Your brains primary fuel source is glucose so to keep sharp and on point, you have you keep your body fueled with it.

Pro Tip: How to get the right mix of water to protein and carbohydrates


  1. Total grams of workout carbohydrates + total grams of protein = A
  2. A divided by "0.08" = B (# of milliliters)
  3. B multiplied by "0.034" = # of ounces


  1. 25g carbohydrates + 25g protein = 50 grams
  2. 50g divided by 0.08 = 625 milliliters
  3. 625 milliliters multiplied by 0.034 = 21 ounces 

My favorite intra workout carb drink right now is a mix of vanilla whey protein and tang. It tastes like an orange creamsicle. I use SFH Whey, Puori Pure Whey Protein or Ascent Native Fuel Whey. (Prescribed amounts of protein and carbohydrates are individual so please consult a nutrition expert on the right mix for you.)

If you want to try a cleaner carb fuel, try out the Puori CB3 Pure Carb Supplement with 24g of natural carbohydrates in one scoop (mainly derived from natural organic sweet potato, organic whole grain oat and organic coconut sugar). This mixes well with any clean protein powder.

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