Journey to the Double Under

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 Joining a CrossFit Box can be intimidating, I was for me at least.  I remember walking towards the front door only saw equipment I have never used in my life. I had never even been on a rower before. Oly bars, pull up rigs, monster truck tires?, GHD machines, the list goes on and on. Then I saw jump ropes hanging against the wall and thought of watching all the Rocky movies in my younger days, Rocky and Apollo training for a fight and thought I could at least jump rope.

So begins my journey to perfect the double under.  It seems so simple, but can be one of the most frustrating aspects of my WOD.  When I started there were modifications if you could not do a double under. Singles x4, ugh! Bar jump touches, yuck! Bar jump overs, OMG!  I thought how am I ever going to be able to do double unders if I am consistently modifying the WOD and not doing them.

Start with a rope of your own, every CrossFit trainer and Box owner I have ever met tells me the one piece of equipment every CrossFitter should own is their own jump rope, sized correctly. Based on those conversations as well as conversations with many jump rope manufactures, consider your ability and skill level when choosing a rope.  As a beginner, I recommend the JumpNRope R2 speed rope, WODRope Ultra or the Buddy Lee  Master.  All great ropes that are slightly heavier for a slower revolution of the cable to allow you to get your timing on the doubles.  That being said, there is not a rope on the planet that will replace practice, practice, practice.  Sorry, I wish a had a magic rope, it just doesn't exist, but I will keep searching.

There are several really good training tools as well that can help as you. THe JumpNRope Speed Balls enable you to visually see your weaker wrist as the one ball turns slower than the other, promoting symmetry between both arms/handles.  I would also recommend checking out YouTube for instructional videos. There are some very good ones out there and may bring you a tip you have not thought of  yet.

As we all continue our journey of perfecting the double under and some of you that are working on triple unders, I would like to giveaway a WODROpe Ultra or Revolution Rope (winner's choice) and a WODRope T-shirt this week.



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