2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.2

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2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.1 with Talayna

16.2 can kiss my A$$... Ok maybe that's not the best way to start a strategy post. Let me try again... I will be repeating this workout Sunday. I paced too much at the beginning.

With that in mind here are my suggestions:

1) Take advantage of the running clock and try to gain ground at the beginning by going faster on the lighter barbells. You'll need the time when it gets heavy at the end. 

2) The TTB get to be a lot quick! They are a great movement for me, but I still felt their effect on my core. Break them with very short rest. You definitely want to try to avoid resorting to singles!

3) Do the double-unders unbroken if you can and take your rest on the barbell instead, in between reps. 

4) Use the stretch reflex to bounce out of your cleans. It will save your legs.

5) Knee sleeves! I never wear them usually but they make me feel stronger on game day ;-)

6) Set your plates out neatly in the order they're going to be put on. Write on a board for your weight changer what they're adding each round just to avoid any mistakes. 

7) Wear a shirt. By the time you get to the last bars you'll be sweating and it will slide on your shoulders. 

8) During the cleans do not step away from the bar! Do not go walking around like an animal in pain! Do not let your feet move! Stay right where you are, as close to the bar as you can, until you're ready to pick that ish up again!!!

This is one you can repeat too so might as well! Go for it on Friday and then again Sunday or Monday. It's also one you will probably do better on the second time around. Hopefully next time 16.2 will kiss my A$$! Until next week kids!


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