Should you be wearing compression leg sleeves?


Have you ever wondered if compression leg sleeves really work?  Should you they be a part of you CrossFit wodrobe? 

I was wondering, so I started wearing them about a month ago during and after my WODs. I have suffered from shin splints in the past and would even feel tightness in my shins after a long row so I thought if leg sleeve compression could provide relief I would become a believer.

Zensah makes the best selling leg sleeve on the market, comes in great colors, and even has silver ions in the fabric to fight bacteria (stinky) and regulate skin temperature. They claim to reduce DOMS, increase oxygen blood flow, reduce muscle vibration and recovery time. Sounds good to me.

For me, Zensah leg sleeves did eveything they claim to do with an exclamation point! My legs felt fresh after my workout, no DOMS, no shin pain, no calf soreness.  I continued to wear them after my workout, as suggested, to aid in recovery. Brilliant!

An added benefit of the leg sleeves are they protect my shins during box jumps and deadlifts.  Many guys I know like the idea of wearing leg sleeves for added protection versus the knee high socks. Knee high socks are a little too fashionable  for many of them.

We as CrossFitters do a great job at beating up our bodies on a daily basis. Staying fresh and healthy needs to a priority  for all of us so we can continue our fitness passion as long as possible.

I recommend wearing the Zensah Leg Sleeves and if you would like to give them a try, enter our latest giveaway and win a pair.  If you don't win a pair, you won't be disappointed if you buy yourself some. Your legs will thank you!  

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  • Bridgett Chandley
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