Relief for my Hammies! The ORB deep tissue massage ball by Pro-Tec Athletics Giveaway

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I have been trying to be better at using massage products. They really do make a difference on recovery time and reducing those DOMS! Ouch!  

Remember 13.3? My hammies were screaming uncle!

Luckily, I had been sent the new ORB from Pro-Tec Athletics to try.  An awesome new massage therapy tool.

I love it because it gets those hard to roll muscles like the hammies and glutes. It's multi-directional movement provides an aggressive deep tissue massage to those overworked areas. After a WOD with wall balls galore, its my go to relief! 

Using a ball to get those hard to roll out muscles is nothing new, we've all used lacrosse balls and tennis balls before.  While those do work and I love them for my smaller muscles, The ORB is much more efficient at working larger muscle groups like hams, glutes and quads.

The ORB comes in two different sizes, a 5 inch and 7 inch made of a high density foam. The smaller, 5 inch size provides a more aggressive massage and the 7 inch can be described as a moderate massage.  They are both a great way to reduce muscle fatigue,tightness and pain, and aids flexiblity.  


Using massage therapy products are a great way to recover quickly and get back to setting those PRs.  Isn't that what we all want?


I love it so much I have decided to give one away!

Enter below for a chance to win the new ORB, your muscles will thank you! Hurry, it ends next Monday, April 22nd at Noon, EST

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