Strategy for 13.5 - Tips from around the Community

Posted by Mark Chandley on

13.5 Strategy and Tips for the 2013 Open are a must watch for everyone that is going to tackle Fran for infinity. Here we have assembled some of the best perspectives in the community for you to watch and take what you feel is best for your own strategy.  We assembled comments from the Trio, Kelly Starret, Brian McKenzie, Miranda Oldroyd; Coach Carl Paoli; Diane Fu; and Rudy Nielson.  Most of all, have fun out there in this last Open 2013 workout!

A few common themes:

  1. Wear OLY shoes
  2. Take your thrusters low and bounce at the bottom
  3. if you have a sub 4 Fran and expect to get to the second round - pace yourself.   Don't attack it like it's a traditional Fran.






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