Crossfit Affiliate Focuses on Fundamentals

Posted by Mike Murphy on

I was having lunch this weekend with someone who works out at a local Crossfit Affiliate in Charlotte and they mentioned that the local Fox News affiliate would be finishing a story about reported injuries that Crossfit members are experiencing in our area. I know this should seem like common sense stuff, but I don’t want to see Crossfit get any negative publicity when people can routinely get injured from all types of training. It’s important to start slow and pay attention to your time, focusing on form and proper technique before you start adding weight. Programs like Crossfit, Insanity and P90x should be a gradual process. If you ask any triathlete how they’re feeling by the end of the year, many of them are burnt out and nursing nagging injuries or some other form of discomfort. 

Have you experienced any injuries from improper technique or starting out too fast? What WOD makes you the most sore afterwards? Leave a comment below and share your story.

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