The Outlaw Open WODcash Winner!


Congratulations to Jennifer Zebley our $100 WODcash Winner from the inaugural Outlaw Open!  

Thank you to all those we met, spoke with and entered our contest. 

See you next at the OC Throwdown!

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  • Bridgett Chandley
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  • Edgar

    A quick side note on the WOD. As written, this wod was poblarby totally impossible. 5 × 200 m. sleds Highbar-Lowbar was not feasible, so our coaches had to make some modifications. It wasn’t that we had any intention of programming it to be impossible, we just hadn’t tried it out. And it ended up being super, double way harder than we expected. We had to make several changes on the fly as the day progressed. Two of our morning folks did A LOT of extra work (Harley and Kim, 200M high-bar, low bar), and all of them did an extra 20M per round, with one less round (4) for those that finished. We do our best to keep things consistant, but sometimes a wod creeps up that becomes unmanageably crazy, and you have to change it on the fly. Our apologies for the inconsistency. Don’t worry, you ALL got stronger today.

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