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Posted by Mark Chandley on

We are very excited to have signed our first sponsored Athlete.  Were having a promotion called “guess our athlete”.  Here is the Prize list . . .
First 10 to guess correctly win
1.       $100 WOD Bucks
2.       $50 WOD Bucks
3.       $25 WOD Bucks
4.       $10 WOD Bucks
5.       $10 WOD Bucks
6.       $10 WOD Bucks
7.       $10 WOD Bucks
8.       $10 WOD Bucks
9.       $10 WOD Bucks
10.     $10 WOD Bucks
Rules:  Every day a post with a clue is made.  Each person gets one guess per day and must post below the clue.  At the end of the contest, the first 10 people to guess correctly from the beginning of the contest will be the winners, regardless of which post it is on.

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  • Talayna Fortunato

    Kendra W. on

  • Talayna fortunato

    Garnett on

  • Talayna Fortunato!

    Mari Pampena on

  • Talayna Fortunato!!

    Tom Collins on

  • Talayna Fortunato!

    Lori bukowski on

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