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Welcome and thanks for visiting!  As we see our traffic grow to our site we wanted to let you know that we are constantly working on expanding our product offering and making sure that we have every brand that you need to enjoy your crossfit WOD.  Right now, some of our key focus is around the Olympic lifting gear, crossfit shoes, crossfit apparel and various other forms of crossfit gear and crossfit accessories.  Our focus is to bring all things Crossfit to the Crossfit athlete under one roof and shipped to you for a flat fee of $4.99, no matter how many things you order. 

So here is the challenge; what crossfit products do you need and what crossfit gear are we not carrying?  The more we close that gap the more you athletes will save.  And since we are crossfitters ourselves, we win too!  (We love the win-win, check out our values)

Post your comments here, E-mail us at info (at) or visit our facebook page at and post what we need to carry there.  Either way, we need and want your feedback!

If you need a little inspiration to get brainstorming, rock out to this! (sorry if you get a stupid ad, post if you know how to remove that too!)

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  • Crossfit for Hope Rx- 149Subbed Dead Hang PU for C2B, b/c my good workout buddy, Terry (aka the Colonel ) plgeded me based on how many I could do! So for the cause, I’ve been working on em. 17 Dead Hang Pullups (10 pull ups and 7 chin ups). Stoked about this! In the CF Open, I tried like mad to get just one and couldn’t do it what a difference a couple of months makes! I just skinned my GOAT! Thanks Terry for supporting such a great cause .cancer sucks and especially for kiddos!

    Laura on

  • WOD toys for our CF kiddies. Great xmas/bday presents.

    Jesse on

  • Thanks Morgan for the great suggestions! Keep them coming! Send your address and shirt size to and I will throw a WOD SuperStore Logo shirt your way!

    WOD SuperStore on

  • CEP calf sleeves. They are way, way better than Zensah.

    Morgan Wilson on

  • Knee wraps! Not sleeves, wraps. Great for oh squats, oly lifting etc.

    Morgan Wilson on

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