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 A million thank you's to everyone that helped make WOD Superstore a reality.  Many obstacles were overcome to get to this point, but just like my WOD today, it was hard work, there were times I thought I may puke, tomorrow there will be more work to do, but it is so worth it!

Crossfitters, you rock! The athlete submissions continue to impress, amaze and inspire me on daily basis. I look forward to the day I can meet you all in person. Please keep your personal stories coming! 

Brands, you rock too! I have throughly enjoyed getting to know you and understanding your deeper connection to the Crossfit community. I look forward to working with each and everyone of you.

WOD ON Crossfitters! WOD ON!


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  • Jack and I are on the Zone. We have played aunord with being on the zone before but have only done so seriously (not cheating) for one week now. I already feel and see results. I definitely feel much better alert, less sluggish, energized, etc. on the Zone. A few of us have been using the blog Bull City Crossfitters which you have a link to on your page (thank you) to ask each other zone questions. I don’t know what your website capabilities are but it might be nice if we could send in zone recipes and there could be a recipe section on CrossFit Durham’s website that members could browse for zone recipes. Maybe if members have zone books they can part with we could have a lending library at CrossFit Durham. Maybe members could post reviews of restaurants in Durham that are zone friendly that would be really helpful. Just a few thoughts, I’ll try to think of more.

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