Top 7 Christmas Gifts for the Functional Fitness Athlete on your list in 2015

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 Top 7 Gifts for the Crossfit Athlete

1. Fashion meets Fitness Leggings

We continue to see bold patterns, bright colors and luxurious fabrics dominating the fashion trends in workout wear this holiday season.  As the weather gets colder, shorts get packed away and leggings return as a mainstay in female fitness fashion.

Best selling prints like Weights and Wonder Woman  are sure bets for the woman on your list but some of the newest and hottest looks have a patriotic inspired pallet.  You can check them all out here in our Workout Leggings collection.


2. Pull Up Grips just got an UPGRADE!

We are anxiously awaiting the Early November release of the WODgrips 2.0 pull up grips! They are a game changer! The innovative guys at WODgrips tested and retested not only their own grips but some of the best on the market and came up with grips that are soft, flexible, no bulky material, and durable. Talk about an UPGRADE!

By adding a layer of ballistic nylon material to the area that receives the most bar contact these WODgrips are light enough to provide bar feedback yet strong enough to last months worth of high volume work.

Available in three sizes and cut to size finger holes allow for a custom fit grip that is ready to go right out of the package. If  you are looking for a color wave to match all your Nanos in your closet, WODgrips 2.0 won’t disappoint. These hand grips are available in 12 color coordination styles.


3. Athletes, take care of your bodies, SKIN TOO!

Athletes take special care and attention to their bodies but often neglete their skin. W.O.D. welder Skincare for Athletes brings together a line of personal care body products to used before and after your workouts.

W.O.D welder products are made from all natural ingredients and are paleo friendly. For example, the Rx Cream contains peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils provide an invigorating clean scent while also leanding their natural antibacterial and antifungal properties to help protect athletes from germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses that are common to gyms and equipement.

The 3 part Handcare Kit prevents and repairs hand rips and callus tears caused by intensive wods and repeated grinding on hands and palm. 

Personal care also exists in the gym bag.  The Odor Crusher spray and sachets are convienent and effective way to crush smelly gym stick left on your clothes, shoes, grips, and knee sleeves. These too are made with all natural ingredients so they are safe for your skin and won't deteriorate your gear with harsh chemicals.  These are great for the home too! 


4. Prevent, Protect, & PR in Style

EXO Sleeve knee sleeves have rightfully earned the reputation of having the best seletion of colors, great value and top of the line quality in the fitness community. Collectivally developed by CrossFit Games Athletes, Olympic Weightlifters, Coaches, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, EXO Sleeve set out to make fitness products functional and fashionable and their first product was updating the knee support.

Anti-microbial material, updated compression technology, anatomically shape design, latex-free, and a specialized flat stitch technology were some of the improvements that went into making next generation knee protection.

5. Not Your Father's Socks, These Socks Rock!

Practical does not need to mean boring anymore.  Athletes are absolutely in love with vibrant athletic crew socks to bring some flare and fashion to their workouts. 

Rock'em Socks brings unique designs and vibrant colors to true athletic performance socks. Double banded at the top makes them durable, upper and lower arch support makes them stay on the foot with a custom feel fit, and padded toe and ankle region brings protection and comfort to impact areas of the foot. 

6. It's In The BAG!

No matter what your gym bag preference, King Kong Workout bags has you covered. Check out their selection of large and small duffle bags, sport Rucksack backpacks and even giant messenger style bags.  

Well-made, durable, and spacious are some of the words our customers use to describe what they love about the King Kong bag.  We agree so we put it on our top Christmas list for Athletes because they are stylish, (lots of great colors to chose from), large enough for even 2-a-day athletes, and made from tough Heavy-duty 1000D nylon construction. 


7. Check out my Smarty Pants!

The last item on our 2015 Athlete Christmas gift list for all those looking for the latest fitness technology gifts.  Wearable fitness gadgets are very popular this year but we have come up with one better.  Muscle recovery technology built right into compression pants by Virus.

Designed and engineered with the high endurance athlete in mind, Virus's performance apparel keeps pace with the latest in nanotechnology, technical fabrics and biomechanical patterning. For example, the COOL JADE material has been infused through nanotechnology with recycled Jade, to create a natural cooling effect on the body.

Available in Men's and Women's shorts, cropped and full length pants.

If the athlete on your list is looking to bring the future into their workout, check out our VIRUS Collection page

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