Getting back to the Gym | Four strategies to give you an extra boost of accountability

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Getting back to the Gym | Four strategies to give you an extra boost of accountability by wodsuperstore.comGetting back to the Gym can sometimes be a daunting task.  It’s back to school time and for many parents, that means returning to a familiar schedule and finding time to get back to the gym.  I think we all want to believe that our will and desire can get us there but it can’t hurt to employ a few other tips to make it easier to go or harder not to.

Establish a Routine
Sounds easy but it takes commitment to get to the gym when life pulls at you in a million directions.   Setting a specific time each day in your calendar where you commit to getting back to the gym will go a long way.  I specifically like the morning as not much can distract you when so much of the world is still sleeping or drinking coffee and reading the paper.  Roads are quiet, distractions are muted and you can focus on getting some time for yourself in.  If morning is your time to sleep then find another convenient time to commit and DO IT!

Find a Workout Buddy
This can pay spades as it not only is a positive impact on you getting back to the gym but it will also prove to be a good for your friend.  When that morning alarm goes off, the accountability to yourself can be much easier to ignore than if you know a friend you work out with yesterday will be waiting for you to get started.   Tip #1 also helps this as if you get to the gym at the same time each day, it’s easier to coordinate that with your friend.  Managing two schedules on the fly will provide many opportunities to not get it done.  Find a friend, make a plan and stick to it!

Flexible Dieting – (Macros)

This is a hot topic in today’s fitness world with everyone trying to loose fat, increase your energy during the workout and just look better naked.  The first step in this is tracking your food.  Apps like myfitnesspal work great and are free.  Folks I know are eating donuts, drinking their favorite adult beverage and seeing results they have been searching for.  Don’t get me wrong, that is just a piece of the program but “IIFYM” (if it fits your macros) then you can eat it.  Kill the cravings, don’t be a slave to the food and supercharge your commitment to the gym by committing to fueling your boxy correctly to maximize the results.  Everyone likes progress.


If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it.  Getting in the gym and benefiting from it must be a positive experience.  If you don’t make it one day, don’t get down on yourself!  Each moment is a new one to make a change so just go about your day and get up the next morning and make it to the gym.  You have an opportunity to eat that favorite desert and it throws off you macros, do it.  Just be sure to get back on the program immediately following it and enjoy it.  No guilt! 

If you’re on your sixth day of no gym, maybe you should reevaluate your commitment.  It’s OK if not is not the right time but make it a conscious decision and enjoy it.  When the time is right for you, you will make it back to the gym.   

Remember, you have to keep it fun and enjoyable to make it sustainable.  Try these strategies for a little extra help when you need it most.

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  • HUGE life setback…already down two weeks from nitrition/fitness activity…getting back into “anything bets nothing” mentality TODAY…SO EXCITED!

    Linda on

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