WODSuperStore Goat Tape AutoShip Program

Posted by Mark Chandley on

We LOVE Goat Tape and it shows.  As the first retailer to offer this tape, we have always taken pride in having the best price and widest selection of Goat tape in the market.  As of right now, we are the only place to get all 8 colors in both tapes, even the MFG of the tape doesn’t sell it.  

For over 3 years, we have sold the tape at $4.99 despite pressure of price increases and other retailers in the market selling it for more.  We finally have reached the point where we need to raise the price to $5.99 but we wanted to find an innovative and easy way to keep our loyal goat tape customers happy.

Introducing Goat Tape AutoShip – the only place on the web you can put together your favorite color and tape combination, get a discount on the product and have it shipped to you automatically each month so you don’t run out.  No one wants to run out when it’s time to snatch!

We are going to give all our loyal customers an opportunity to get enrolled this week through August 9, 2015 with a 15% discount for your automatic shipment. Get in now!

Want to learn more about this awesome program, check out our WODSuperStore AutoShip FAQ Page or just click on over to the goat tape page and set up your auto ship order and make life easy!

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