Perform all of your foam roller exercises with a Rumble Roller

Rumble Roller

What is a Rumble Roller?


RumbleRoller is the leading option in the market of sports massage and recovery products. It is a specially designed back massager that features firm bumps that simulate a professionally done sports massage. The roller is used by laying on the floor and rolling it up and down the back to reduce tension in the muscles. This is an ideal option for high endurance athletes who are looking for ways to enhance recovery in their downtime without a huge investment.

The Benefits

Sports massage has been around as long as athletes themselves. Working out in any capacity causes muscles to grow tense and to tighten. As you continue to work-out, day after day, this tension will build up. This is why stretching before and after a workout is so important. When your muscles are tense you are at a great risk of injury, especially as a result of a strain or a sprain. Massaging tense muscles after a workout helps to dissolve some of that tension and delivers a collection of benefits to the athlete. This includes reduced swelling, pain management and of course, a reduced risk of injury.

The problem with sports massage is that it is a rather expensive option for the average athlete. Professional athletes have professional massage therapists on sight to rub their muscles after an intense workout or game. But this isn’t offered at most gyms. The RumbleRoller offers the same benefits, but in the comfort of your own home and at fraction of the price.

How to Use a RumbleRoller

A RumbleRoller is an enhanced version of a foam roller, and can be used in similar ways. To use it, you are to lay on your back on the floor and place the roller behind you. Then, gradually move backwards to roll onto the roller, and then use your core strength to roll back and forth, allowing the RumbleRoller to move up and down the surface of your back, from your hips to your shoulders. The bumps on the RumbleRoller are flexible, but firm. As you continue rolling, they will knead the soft tissue and muscle in the back in multiple directions, helping to displace lactic acid, reduce swelling and dissolve tension.

The RumbleRoller is an essential component to any mobility kit. This is great to use following a big workout, even if only for a few minutes as your body winds down. Every athlete focuses on what is best for their body during the action, but the smart ones will focus on what their body needs before and after a workout, as well. The RumbleRoller helps to keep you in the best shape so that you are always ready for more.

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