Can over training cause you to pass out?


In a recent article, CrossFit® Games Athlete Stacy Tovar discussed how she feels over training caused her to recently pass out during a warm up movement.  Fortunately, she was not hurt and is able to take this experience and leverage it into her future training schedule.

As she was preparing for Regionals, Stacy tested all the workouts over 4 days and with no rest, jumped back into her normal training routine.  a few days later she was being rushed to the emergency room after passing out and was told these were signs of over training.

Here are a few tips from Stacy to help avoid over training:

  • Take rest days
  • Eat enough good food to fuel your body
  • Sleep - 9-10 hours a day

How do you show your signs of over training?  Comment below and let everyone know.

See the complete article here


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  • Mark Chandley
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