CrossFit® Games Regional Competitions | Cool Things to do in Dallas and Atlanta


Heading to Dallas or Atlanta to catch some CrossFit® Games Regional Action? The competition is sure to be great but you have to make some time to take in the sights and sounds of Dallas and Atlanta. If you’re looking for something to do if you arrive early or post action, we’ve put together few things to consider.

First Dallas - Home of the 2015 CrossFit® Games South Regional Competition. It’s the largest city in Texas, and one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the entire United States. It is a historic area that has had no difficulty keeping up with the times. The city is rich in night life, arts and cultural events.

While in Dallas, there are a few things that you’ll have to fit into your schedule:

  • Take a Segway tour of the city: This is a great way to see every nook and cranny of what makes Dallas the great city it is. The segways will help you cover more ground in less time, making it a perfect way to see the sights. Take a Segway through the downtown area to see the skyline up close, or take a ride through the arts district.
  • Dallas World Aquarium: Get out of the sun and enjoy a bit of life under the sea at the Dallas World Aquarium. This is a massive building that is filled with some of the most exotic creatures in the ocean.
  • Mesquite Championship Rodeo: Lucky enough, the South Regionals are happening when the Mesquite Championship Rodeo is going on. The events are held in an indoor arena that holds more than 5300 people. This event is a staple in Dallas summer entertainment, and it is something that you won’t see just anywhere across the country.
  • Klyde Warren Park: If you want to take some time for yourself, head over to Klyde Warren Park, which is nestled in the heart of downtown Dallas. It is a 5-acre park that is an absolute oasis, with plenty of room to let you stretch and enjoy the Southern sunshine.

Now Atlanta - Home of the 2015 CrossFit® Games Atlantic Regional Competition . There is a reason that Atlanta is known as the jewel of the South. It is the hot spot to be in the state of Georgia and one of the biggest cities in the entire southeast region. The city itself has been home to the Olympics and has a long standing in American history as one of the greatest southern cities. Get a firsthand look at everything the city has to offer during your visit.

There is no shortage of things to do in Atlanta. This is the biggest city in the state of Georgia, with more than 500,000 people who live and breathe in every southern scent on a daily basis. The downtown metropolitan region is filled with interesting and exciting things to do, from sporting events to museums. The city itself is more than 150 years old, which means history is lurking just around the corner for you to explore.

Here are a few ways you can stay busy and entertained during your visit to Atlanta:

  • Head to the aquarium: The Atlanta aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the southeastern United States. It is home to hundreds of species of exotic underwater creatures, including a great whale. The aquarium is in the center of downtown Atlanta and is a cool place to spend an afternoon out of the sunshine while you are in town.
  • Centennial Olympic Park: This was the headquarters for all Olympic events during the 1996 Olympics. Now, it is home to music festivals, community fairs and plenty of other events. This is the perfect spot to find out what is going on downtown. It is also a well-kept area that has a lot of fountains and places to sit for a few minutes as you explore the Atlanta area.
  • Piedmont Park: One of the most famous areas of Atlanta, this is a small oasis in the center of Atlanta, complete with orchids, plenty of grassy space and a lot of fresh air.
  • Catch a Braves Game: The Regionals are being held smack in the middle of baseball season. Check the schedule to find out if the Braves will be playing a game in town to spend an afternoon at the ballpark.

Take advantage of your time in Dallas and Atlanta for the 2015 CrossFit® Games South and Atlantic Regionals. There are plenty of things to see and do. Cheer on your favorite athlete and take in the sights and sounds!

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