Product Highlight: ExoSleeve Knee Sleeves

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ExoSleevesEven the greatest warrior is at risk for injury time and again. Achilles himself was fated by his faulty heel—the one part of his body that couldn’t be protected. Athletes are notorious for being hard on their bodies. Your WOD is going to leave you sore—that is to be expected. But when that soreness turns into inflammation and stabbing pains, you can’t brush that off as tender muscles from a powerful session. When injury strikes, there is no reason to remove yourself from all activity. Succumbing to the pain: also not necessary. Protecting yourself from injury is the best line of action to take, but when soreness strikes you still have options.

As athletes go, functional athletes are known to be intense. That is not to say anything against those football players and swimmers out there, but there is something about combining a dead lift with a 50 yard dash that makes the average crossfit® athlete stand out of the crowd. The combination of different workout techniques and focus on functional fitness puts athletes at an especially high risk of injury. So when you hear about a product that is designed by seasoned functional athletes, it might trigger you to pay attention.

So, What is ExoSleeve?

ExoSleeve products are intentionally discreet. Made with wicking material that is designed to fit neatly beneath closing while preventing moisture from accumulating, the sleeves are exactly what the average athlete needs to take care of their knees during a rough workout. The products are anti-microbial which helps prevent them from developing the bacteria that causes so much of your workout material to develop a stink. They are available in a wide berth of colors, as well, so you can find a sleeve that fits your personality.

The ExoSleeve product isn’t designed to support a damaged knee. The purpose of the sleeve is preventative care. Wear the ExoSleeve when you work out and maybe you won’t have to face debilitating knee pain from a squat gone wrong. The sleeve is designed for those who are intense at the Box. You can put the product to the test and it will stand up to whatever task you throw at it. The flat stitch technology also makes the product ideal for those looking for a little of extra support simply walking and going through the daily motions while struggling with arthritis, tendonitis or similar knee issues.

Available in a rainbow of colors, ExoSleeves are competitively priced and sold in sizes from small to extra- large. The material is 100% latex free to prevent irritation.

Overall, ExoSleeve products are a top of the line solution to knee pain. They are sleek and thin while packing enough power to apply pressure to the knee to prevent soreness from previous injuries and overworked joints. Ooh yeah, they are also sold in pairs!

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