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Wrist Wraps for Lifting by WODSuperStore.comIf you are going to do a job right, then you need the right tools to get the job done. When it comes to lifting, this means having the right equipment. Every functional fitness athlete knows their preference when it comes to equipment and workout clothing, but many overlook a core component of lifting attire - wraps. Wrist wraps are absolutely essential when it comes to lifting. They are there for convenience and safety, and can actually help you increase your ability and stamina by providing your body with the support it needs to lift more, push harder and fight past your current best.

The Point of Wrapping

Wrist wraps, much like knee wraps and other body wraps that are designed to help athletes across different sports and lifting habits, are designed with the functional fitness athlete in mind. They are used to reinforce the ligaments and joints in the wrist so that pressure is applied evenly throughout the entire wrist, helping to prevent injuries.

When you properly use a wrist wrap, you will likely find that you can actually lift heavier weights than you may typically be capable of otherwise. This is because when the wrap is supporting your ligaments and joints your muscles can be pushed to greater limits. It is absolutely essential that you are aware of this and are cautious not to overdo it when you have your wraps on. While you are capable of doing more, you aren’t actually stronger. The wraps can help push you to that next level, but you still have to work to get there!

Wrist Wraps for LiftingTypes of Wraps

A lot of people use one-time use wraps that they discard after a single trip to the gym. This includes a lot of tape, which is a common wrap substitute. These are weaker versions of wraps and they aren’t as beneficial as the more sturdy wraps that are designed for the athlete in you. WOD Superstore offers wrist wraps in a variety of styles, fabrics, colors and designs that you can use over and over again, helping you to get in a maximum strength workout every time.

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