Jumping Rope is Good for Your Heart


Jumping rope is good fro your heartThink back to when you were a kid and jumping rope was pretty much the thing to do on a Saturday morning. At recess kids lined up for the jump ropes, the girls who could double-dutch were pretty much the coolest kids on the asphalt, and the guys who could swing the ropes the tallest to make everyone jump were the most sought after playmates. For some reason, jumping rope loses a bit of its coolness factor as we grow up, but this might not be for the best. In fact, there are a lot of people who are rediscovering the jump rope as a workout tool that is perfect for adults. Low cost and easy on storage, the jump rope is the best piece of cardio equipment you can buy.

In case you don’t recall, Rocky definitely had a jump rope and used the cardio exercise as a training technique to get in his top fighting shape. When you jump rope, you are putting your body to a physical test. The activity gets your heart rate up high and forces your body to burn calories while engaging muscles and helping you get fit. Jumping rope for just 10 minutes a day can result in significant health improvements and weight loss and it’s good for your heart.

WOD Superstore has a world-class collection of jump ropes that can fit the needs of any individual. Our jump ropes are designed for physical fitness, not for childish games. These jump ropes are thereby different from what you might remember from your elementary school recess days.

There are a couple different types of jump ropes, including:

  • Speed ropes: These ropes are designed to get your feet moving fast. The average speed rope will be thin and will feed into the momentum of every swing to get your heart rate up and your body moving. This is for a full body workout that focuses on speed and agility. Double-unders will be a snap!

  • Weighted ropes: These ropes are loaded with a bit of extra weight to make it more of a challenge with every swing. The weight will make it more difficult to move fast, putting the pressure on your upper body to keep the rope in motion so your legs keep moving, too. This will also encourage a full body workout and will get your heart rate up, with the added advantage of building upper body strength.

A jump rope is the perfect addition to your gym bag and will truly get your body moving. Use online workout guides for different moves that will keep your workout fresh and exciting as you focus on getting in shape. Remember, the OPEN is coming up and we are sure one of the WOD's will include double-unders! Make sure you are ready!

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