What is GOAT Tape?


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Goat Tape
is a revolutionary tool in the "World of WOD's". It provides support without restricting movement, enhancing the natural ability of the athlete by allowing you to focus on your workout, and not on joint pain and blisters. There are many different tapes on the market, but Goat Tape is the only tape developed specifically with functional fitness athletes in mind.

To perform at your best, you have to be ready to go all in and up to maximum power. That is the idea behind Goat Tape. This tape is ready to take on whatever challenge you put it to. The motto of Goat Tape is that it is “Scary Sticky.” Once put in place, the tape is not going to move - not until you remove it.

The History of Goat Tape

Goat Tape was developed by a group of athletes who found the need for a better quality sports tape. Workout tape has been used for years in sports like baseball, lacrosse and weight-lifting where blisters frequently develop from the constant and repetitive interaction with equipment. But WOD's present different challenges. Some of the movements aren’t repetitive so you will likely need the tape to function for several different reasons. Other tapes don’t live up to this challenge, often falling off or becoming frayed after too much movement or overuse. Goat Tape sticks where you put it, making it ideal for the functional strength activities that your workouts require. Goat Tape is designed to fit the many personalities of athlete, with a collection of designs and colors and even an option to customize the tape with your BOX logo.

Being designed with durability in mind, a single roll of Goat Tape will stretch a whole lot farther than your typical sport tape. There is no need to use half a roll in a single workout. Goat Tape sticks. You use just as much as you have to and it stays. This means that a single roll will bring you a lot farther than it will with other brands. Goat Tape is a growing company, but already recognized as one of the best in the industry.

Goat Tape by the Numbers:

Scary Sticky vs. Silly Soft Infographic
What is Goat Tape?

Ways to Use Goat Tape

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