How to Measure for Rehband Knee Sleeves

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How to Measure for Knee Sleeves from

Here at WOD SuperStore, we have a lot of experience measuring for knee sleeves at events. So we’re sharing what we’ve learned to help you get the right size when shopping online and avoid having to make an exchange.

When it comes to knee sleeve sizing, each brand is a little different. Today we’re going to take a look at how to measure for Rehband Knee Sleeves.

You’ll need:

  • A flexible tape measure that has centimeters or inches
  • The Rehband size chart (below)

Two ways to learn: Read On or Watch this Video >

Stand with about 30 degrees flexion in the knee and measure 10 cm (3 15/16 inches) down from the center of the knee cap. Once you have determined where that is, simply measure the circumference of your leg at that point.

I measure 35 cm, which puts me on the edge of small and medium on the size chart. I wear a small which is snug, but there is no discomfort from being too tight. In our experience, if you are on the border line most folks like to select the smaller of the two sizes. This is especially true when wearing knee sleeves for more aggressive movements compared to an Olympic lift.

The model in our video measures 34 cm, which puts her in a small on the size chart and that is the size she wears.

In the past, you may have heard recommendations to size down – including right here on the WOD SuperStore blog – but using this updated sizing method you no longer have to do that.

We have also translated the standard Rehband Knee Sleeve Sizing Chart into inches so you can see it both ways.

Rehband Knee Sleeve Sizing Chart

Size    XS SM MD
Measurement (cm)
31 - 33 cm 33 - 35 cm 35 - 37 cm 37 - 40 cm 40 - 43 cm 43 - 46 cm
Measurement (in) 12 3/16 - 13 in. 13 - 13 12/16 in. 13 12/16 - 14 9/16 in. 14 9/16 - 15 12/16 in. 15 12/16 - 16 15/16 in. 16 15/16 - 18 2/16 in.


Help your fellow fitness fanatics, by sharing your measurement & knee sleeve size in the comments below or using the #wodsuperstore

Rehband RX 5mm Rehband RX 7mm Rehband RX 3mm

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