Top 8 Christmas Gifts for the Functional Fitness Athlete on your list in 2014

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Exo Sleeve Knee Sleeve

2014 brought us a rainbow of colors to the ordinary Olympic lifting Knee sleeves. While most brands have a few colors, Exo Sleeve, has the most extensive, fashion forward line of them all. Started by a competative crossfitter, Exo Sleeve was developed with the idea that function  meets fashion without sacrificing support.  Guys, don’t be scared off, colors like “Black out” 7MM Knee Sleeves have been a great seller.  Bright Yellow, Teal and Neon Green are just a few of the more popular styles.  At $45 a pair, the price is right too.  Check out the collection here!

“Elevate” Mobility Kits

Mobility therapy has become a necessity for any athlete looking to reduce soreness and speed recovery time.  Just a small amount TLC and time working your muscles will pay big dividends.  The Elevate Mobility Kits combines a popular foam density roller of your choice with a multidirectional  5” Orb and a pair of Mobility Floss Bands.  Yes, a roller alone can do wonders, but your recovery will be elevated by adding these two versatile yet different tools.  Hamstrings, shoulders, lats, back and other hard to reach areas can be effectively reached and treated with the ORB while the mobility floss can work to separate the myofascial layers and provide therapy and relief to those hard to work joints.  Elevate your Mobility Here.

Power Shorts

The GLOW Girl Fitness Power Shorts were designed for the powerful woman; mind, body and spirit. The Power short is made from a lightweight, stretchy polyester/spandex blend to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your work out.  The motion friendly cut allows for deep Oly lift squats and yoga stretches with restriction.  A longer back inseam and built in liner will   allow for movement without worry of overexposure. Made in the USA, these shorts will have you GLOWING in no time. GLOW

Amino Acid

Intense training will make your body sore and muscle fatigued.  Amino Acids supplements are a great way to combat the soreness and replenish the essential Amino Acids that help your muscles repair and heal.  Take them post work out with water every day, your muscles will thank you and you have a better shot staying on your workout regime.  There are various flavors and brands in our store but you can’t go wrong with the Nutriforce Force Amino Acid Fruit Punch or the RSP BCAA311 caps.

JAW Grips

Everyone Crossfitter has their challenges with ripping hands.  While no solution is perfect for everyone, the JAW Grips will provide great protection with minimal bulk.  Thanks to a tough but soft fabric material, these grips provide a thin, stretchy layer of protection with no break-in period like other grips on the market. Quick transitions from the gymnastics rings or pull-up bar to a barbell or kettle bell are easily handled while wearing JAW Grips.  Individually custom-sized finger holes keep the grip tight from your fingers to your wrist causing less friction resulting in less tearing. Did I mention they also come in fun color combos?  A must have for those high volume, hand killing days.

Rocktape Shin Skins

There may not be a more practical gift out there.  Save your shins from rope climbs, box jumps, cleans, deadlifts, snatches and more.  Your shins can take a beating and the Shin Skins II from Rocktape can provide protection for all of them. You can also combine the Shin Skins II with socks for the ultimate shin protection.   A rear zipper closure makes them easier to put on and take off while the heel strap helps keep the Shin Skin in place and the shin area covered. Quick Tip:  Buying them for rope climbs?  Split a pair between two people.  Most everyone only needs one for rope climbs. Look Here


Stylish and Practical, headbands are a favorite of all Crossfitters.  Not only do they allow you to show off your individual style, they provide a great solution to dripping sweat in your eyes.  Tie, Band, Short, and Tall – the styles is all individual so check out the huge selection of Headbands and find the perfect one for the person on your gift list.

ZT Performance Capri

The HOTTEST work out fashion trend this year is the printed leggings and capris!! Tired of looking at your pile of plain old black capris and leggings in your closet? Put some sizzle in your WOD with ZT Performance printed capri’s.  Rock your workout with the retro designs like Mix Tapes and Speakers or look like an ice princess in the Snow Dream Capri.  Bundle with coordinating tanks and shirts and save! Shop here

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