4 Tips to get yourself Back to the Box this fall


Summer is winding downWith summer winding down and kids getting back to school, we can now focus on getting ourselves “Back to the BOX”.  After a long summer having fun with family and friends, you deserve a little support in making the return most enjoyable!

Nutriforce Natural Aminos – As you get back into the swing of working out, there is always a level of soreness that goes along with waking up those muscles.  Nutriforce Natural Amino’s will help reduce the soreness and make getting back the next day more enjoyable.  They are great tasting, clean and at only $1.00 per serving it won’t break the bank after you just spend all that money on school clothes.  Take with or after a working for best results.

Accountability Buddy – For some of us, this is the most important one.  There is no shortage of things on our “to-do” list and that will make it easy to skip the trip to the Box.  If you have committed to someone else to meet them, you won’t want to blow them off.  For whatever reason, we seem to hold our commitments to someone else over ourselves.  It will be good for your buddy too.

Supportive Gear - Do you have a little ache or pain that is getting in your head and holding you back.  Try wrapping it with a great looking wrist wrap, knee support or weightlifting belt to help it keep secure and even provide you with the confidence you need to get back at it.  Color is everywhere these days so check out some of the newest knee sleeves and find something inspiring.

Attitude – Have fun, keep positive and be realistic, it may have been a longer summer and it always takes time to ramp back up.  You will be sore, not performing like you may have in the past but it will come. Stick to it and get back to the BOX!


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  • Billy Doherty
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