Gear Essentials for the new Fitness Athlete

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Gear Essentials for the new Fitness Athlete from

So you took the plunge and Joined a box.  No matter if you have sights on being the next Rich Froning or Sam Briggs or just want to become the next success weight loss story in your box, there are a few things you will need on your journey. 

From our experience, most newbies don’t buy a ton of gear up front but I think it’s important to share a few things that you could benefit as you begin your new fitness regimen.  The investment will be worth it and make the experience better than it will already be. 

Jump Rope

 First and foremost, you need a good jump rope to learn your double unders.  We all know how to jump rope but these double unders seem to be allusive to some and come quick for others.  We recommend that you start with a jump rope that is “heavier” meaning the rope is thicker and has some weight to it.  They key here is that the rope will provide some feedback so you know where it is.  It’s about timing so connecting the placement of the rope with to your brain helps the process.  There are a few that work well for learning double unders.  The Buddy Lee Rope Master and the Jump N Rope R2 Trainer are great for learning the double unders. 

Once you become proficient with them, it’s time to move to a “speed rope” that has a lighter rope with much less feedback.   These ropes often have wire ropes or coated wire ropes.   They come with a variety of handles and can really make a difference when looking to string together a big set of double unders.  We are highlighting the RPM Jump Rope and JumpNRope R1.

Post WOD supplement

For the first few weeks of your new workout, your muscles will be sore.  If you keep pushing yourself along in the sport that may never go away.  Post workout supplements a great way to combat the soreness.   You may think this is only for elite athletes but you will get tremendous benefit and feel better in your next training session.  There are a lot of different brands out there but going with the “clean” ingredient list is key to maximizing your experience.  Two great options are the Nutriforce Sports Natural Amino (comes in fruit punch and watermelon) as well as the Xendurance Extreme Endurance.  Your body will thank you.

Hand Care

One of the next areas that every Athlete endures is the wear and tear on your hands.  From lifting the barbell to hitting the pull up bar, there is always something tugging at your grip.  There are all kinds of options here and were going to talk about two of them, prevention and maintenance. 

When it comes to preventing rips on your hands, there are two products that we want to share with you.  The first are JAW Grips.  These grips are made of fabric, don’t bunch up when you’re on the bar and can be easily used lifting as well as swinging from the bar.  The second products are the Natural Grips.  These are handmade re-usable gymnastic type grips that are great for protecting the hands when you’re swinging from the bar.  They need to be attached with some tape around the wrist and without a doubt the best product for that is Goat Tape.

The next area is maintenance.  Even with the grips, you will from time to time have calluses form or small irritations develop on your hands.  There is one product that provides you everything from prevention to care.  It’s the RIPT Skin 3 Phase system.  If you just don’t want to take the time to maintain your hands, check out the CrossFIXE hands product.  Great for healing and getting your hands back on track quickly when you do have some issues.

As you become more immersed into the Sport of Fitness® you will find more and more gear that will be helpful.  We will cover more on that in future articles.  For now, good luck on your journey to better fitness!

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