Talayna Fortunato's top 10 reasons to join the Open in 2014

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Each year the open has had tremendous growth yet there are still a lot of CrossFitters who are on the fence at the local box about signing up.  Here are my top 10 reasons to register for the 2014 Open. 

  1. Wanting to get better at CrossFit before you feel ready to try the Open is like saying you want to lose weight before you join a gym. The latter will lead to the former because the magic happens outside of your comfort zone, not in it
  2. Others without the ability to would give anything to have the gift that you've been given. 
  3. A little pain is good for your character, therefore the Opens must bring one closer to sainthood.
  4. You will most likely discover some things you didn't know you couldn't do, as well as other things you didn't know you could. 
  5. "That workout was tough. I wish I hadn't done it." - No one ever.
  6. You'll get more personal growth for your $20 at bars during the Opens than you will for $20 at any other bars. 
  7. Your friends will look at you differently... in a good way.
  8. After 5 weeks you will be harder to kill and a more useful human being in general. 
  9. You will be able to say, "this one time when I was competing against ____(insert you favorite CrossFitter's name)" and not technically be lying. 
  10. If you're warmed up and ready to go at the time of the announcement on Thursday you could be a, drumroll... "World Record Holder" for a short period of time!

And just as a BONUS...

Your body and its athletic ability are gifts from God. Snatching is one of the most athletic movements the human body is capable of. You will get to snatch tens if not 100 times in the Opens and thereby be glorifying God! 

 Get Signed up Today!  

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