What’s Hiding in Your Chalk Bucket?

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Spider Chalk Liquid ChalkThere's an entire industry built on half-truths and it's affecting your performance. One of the most important aspects of your training--your grip--depends on chalk. But what if you discovered that the chalk you've been using to enhance your grip was full of cheap fillers that decreased friction during a workout? Would you be surprised? Would you now be interested in trying real, uncut, pure chalk for the first time?

Not all chalk is created equal. In fact, almost all chalk includes impurities that lower the friction of your grip but make the chalk cheaper to buy. In the chalk industry, there are grades of chalk based on levels of purity. Most likely, you've been using a very low grade and didn't even know it. 

Magnesium carbonate comes from limestone. Once extracted from large limestone slabs, laboratories refine magnesium carbonate and grind it into a powder. The amount of impurities in magnesium carbonate determines its grade--the less impurities, the higher the grade. For some people, a lower grade of chalk works. But for athletes who depend on increasing friction to create a stronger grip, higher-grade chalk makes a huge difference. Furthermore, better chalk lasts longer and stays drier.

When Spider Chalk was created, a search began for a better chalk. We quickly discovered that chalk brands import their chalk from countries requiring little or no testing and regulation. In short, this allows overseas manufacturers to claim 100% pure magnesium carbonate on their products without offering any proof. In order for these manufacturers to lower the cost of their product, they use a lower-grade chalk but continue to claim 100% purity. A simple lab test can substantiate these claims.

Spider Chalk has been lab-tested and confirmed to contain a high-level of purity. But results are far more important than all the testing and data. Significant real-world testing of various grades of chalk by athletes in competition environments revealed that higher-grade chalk does make a difference. Athletes unanimously agree that Spider Chalk is far superior to other chalk brands they've tried. Use less chalk less often with better friction--that's what we've created!

The first time you open the powdered Spider Chalk you will notice the difference immediately of what a high-grade pure chalk feels like on your hands compared to the chalk blocks you have been using during your workouts. Not only will the Spider Chalk powder enhance your grip but it also won't over dry your skin. 

Liquid Spider Chalk is available in 2 different formulas. The original liquid Spider Chalk is pure, lab-tested magnesium carbonate, formulated to keep your hands drier longer, is antibacterial and creates no mess on clothes or gym equipment. Like the original Spider Chalk, Black Widow uses laboratory-grade magnesium carbonate, the driest chalk on the planet but also includes 2 bonding agents combined with a unique imported rosin that keeps the liquid chalk on your hand regardless of sweat or friction. An excellent choice for sweaty, long CrossFit workouts.

Spider Chalk powder is available either an 8oz or a 12oz re-sealable bag allowing you to keep it in your workout bag. Spider Chalk liquid is available in a 2oz and an 8oz size bottle and the Black Widow Liquid is available in a 4oz bottle. 

It’s time to ditch the inferior messy chalk blocks hiding in those paint buckets and upgrade to the purest chalk on the planet. Your grip will thank you!

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