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Kyle Ruth, WOD SuperStore AthleteIn a sport like CrossFit®, we are constantly looking to take our performance, training and recovery to the next level. Most of us turn to sports supplements to help maximize our workouts. Having studied exercise physiology and applied sport science in graduate school puts me in a really unique position to not only understand how the body reacts to exercise but also how things like nutrition and supplementation can affect exercise performance. 

Whenever I am presented with a new supplement the first thing I do is research the primary ingredients. There is no way I'm going to waste my money on products that just don't work. That's why when I was given a sample of NutriForce PreWOD at the Beast of the East competition this past summer I did a double take. You see, most pre-workout products are a combination of under-dosed nitric-oxide boosters (that will never help CrossFit athletes when used pre-workout), the latest and greatest form of creatine, and some stimulants with questionable safety records. NutriForce PreWOD was the complete opposite of this: full-clinically tested servings of the tried and true performance boosters CREATINE MONOHYDRATE and BETA-ALANINE. In addition PreWOD contains functional dosages of Taurine and Tyrosine...two amino acids which have recently been shown to increase time to fatigue in athletes. 

You can understand my surprise at this, given that for the past 6-7 years I've been recommending to all of my clients and fellow athletes to steer clear of pre-workout supplements for the aforementioned reasons. After Beast of the East, I decided to research the rest of their product line...and I found that every single one of their products has the same level of thought put into their development as the NutriForce PreWOD. In the end, there are three main reasons that I choose to incorporate NutriForce products into my training regiment. 

  1. Product safety and quality control standards. 
    Many people may not know this, but CrossFit has implemented a stringent drug testing program for high-performing athletes. This means it is more important than ever for athletes to KNOW exactly what they are putting into their bodies. NutriForce as a brand is unique in that they are manufactured 100% in-house (versus contract manufactured overseas like most other supplement brands) AND more importantly, the NutriForce manufacturing facility is cGMP...the major quality control standard for the supplement industry. This means that as athletes we can be 100% confident that what's on the label is in the bottle. 
  2. Ingredient Profile 
    I've already given you an idea of the amount of background work that has gone into the design of the NutriForce PreWOD product but it doesn't stop there. They have put together a complete athlete nutrition solution called WODPak which contains everything you SHOULD be taking for optimal performance and health. This includes their unique high EPA fish-oil, essential levels of Vitamin D, a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral designed specifically for a high-performance athlete's needs, and a powerful anti-oxidant blend of berries and super-foods. Getting the essentials for peak performance and health literally couldn't be easier than opening a WODPak every day. 
  3. Convenience 
    Before finding the NutriForce products I had 10 different supplements that I had to mix up each day in order to ensure I was getting exactly what I needed. Between creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine, vitamin-D, fish-oil, protein powder, zinc, magnesium...the list goes on...I felt like I was constantly consuming some sort of capsule or powder. NutriForce has found a way to combine everything I need for peak performance into convenient, easy to take products. 

If you haven't had the opportunity to try their products, WOD SuperStore carries all of them! 

Kyle Ruth, M.S., CSCS, CFL-1, USAW
WOD SuperStore Athlete

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