New Year, NUtrition- Blonyx is doing supplements right

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Doing supplements, but doing them right.

In our quest to become your source for the scoop on brands and why they are different, we asked Rowan Minnion from Blonyx Biosciences why their supplements are different. Blonyx sells just two simple supplement products based on HMB and Creatine Monohydrate. They claim to be the cleanest most researched performance focused supplements available. Blonyx products are known as premium products and are used predominantly by very highly trained athletes from CrossFit Games competitors to Olympians. Here is what Rowan had to say:

"I am a CrossFitter, an exercise physiologist and an ex-research scientist. I spent many years carrying out studies on sports supplements working for a company in the US that developed and now regulates HMB, the main ingredient in Blonyx products.

I started Blonyx because, as an athlete and a scientist, I believe the supplement industry needs to show more respect to its customers. The supplement industry is very loosely regulated: The FDA will only take a product off the shelves if it starts harming people or it falsely claims to cure a disease. It has become very quick and easy to bring products to market with few requirements for: scientific understanding, proof the ingredients used are safe and effective, or proof that label information is truthful. 

The result is that companies can make unfounded claims in their marketing without ever consulting the research. Worse still, in my opinion, they take small, basic level studies (usually carried out in test tubes or on animals), and make wild assumptions about an ingredient’s ability to improve athletic performance. This is a practice I call “pulling the scientific wool over the eyes of customers."

The outcome of this failure in marketing integrity is consumer confusion. Without an independent, understandable and reliable source of information on supplement ingredients it is almost impossible to determine what really works and is safe to take..

To turn this around and start treating customers with respect, I believe every sports supplement company has two basic responsibilities:

  1. To take the time and effort to research ingredients, making sure there are a significant number of studies showing they are both safe and effective in humans doing exercise - seems obvious right?

  1. To educate customers on the ingredients they use, providing understandable information that is backed up by links to as much independent research as possible - Make good, intelligent product choices then show customers why you made these choices.  

This approach of providing better products based on science is far removed from the images of famous athletes, colorful labels and cool product names that are usually used to try and gain our attention. So why do we stand for it? Should we buy products because Rich Froning endorses them, or because science says they work?

Being a part of the athletic community, I am seeing a shift in attitude towards supplements - especially amongst the more elite who are perhaps in better tune with their bodies. Athletes spend more time researching the products they use and this is where Blonyx comes in.

We cater for this market by founding our products on the science (Both HMB and Creatine Monohydrate are the most studied supplement ingredients shown to improve metcon and strength performance.  We then provide athletes with independent sources of information, like research studies, so that they can understand what our products are and why they should take them. We also avoid using any additives or fillers. We all know we need to eat clean to perform, so why compromise when it comes to supplements.

Blonyx’s information based marketing has already gained huge support from the competitive CrossFit community and this is set to continue to grow. We hope that more companies in the supplement industry start operating this way.”

Rowan likes to make himself as accessible as possible and encourages anyone to get in touch with questions via his Facebook page: or

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