2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.5

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2016 16.6 Crossfit Open Strategy and tips

Alright kids... so I decided to do this one on Thursday night again. Mostly because I'm on the cusp of getting into the fast heat at Regionals and I wanted the chance to redo if necessary. After it was announced I realized I REALLY don't want to redo it so I really tried to go hard, but I will if I have to dammit. It was actually worse than I remember it being. I'm just glad it wasn't 15.5. I've never done that one and don't really ever plan on it! Now onto what you guys can do to improve on your scores from 2 years ago, and brag about how much fitter you are to all of your friends!

Things to consider:

  • This workout will be over 10 minutes for 99% of people. That ain't Fran! That's double or triple Fran, so pace accordingly. Meaning... thrusters will be unbroken but still not at Fran pace for the more elite, and broken appropriately for 99% of other people. If you know you aren't elite, do not do all 21 unbroken to start! Unless you like running head first into a wall of hurt. Consider 11/10 or 8/7/6.
  • Breaking reps should be done on thrusters, NOT BURPEES. Burpees can be slowed, but if you stop and stand there you're a ______ (insert self loathing). If you're breaking burpees you overextended and went too fast early on. (*Note if you are new to CrossFit the self loathing need not apply. I remember the first time I did 50 burpees in a row and I thought it would never end!)
  • When you do take momentary rests on thrusters, but you're not ready to break yet, rest with the bar overhead. Resting in the front rack cuts off your airway and is considerably harder!
  • Don't try to short your range of motion on the thrusters by stopping just below parallel. Go ahead and use the stretch shortening reflex to bounce out of the bottom. It adds a very minimal amount of time and will save your legs for later on.
  • This may be getting too technical, but consider widening your grip on thrusters and/or unwrapping your thumbs to get your elbows higher and save your shoulders and triceps. This workout will definitely tax them.
  • Keep your heart rate down on burpees by stepping in and out of them. Jumping your feet right to your hands and then jumping over will spike your heart rate quicker.
  • Also turn slightly during the jump over instead of a full 180 upon landing.

And that's about all's I got! It's a muscle endurance and aerobic testing workout. It's also a gut check so you're going to have to dig deep. The 15's and 12's are the worst rounds and then you can see a light at the end of the tunnel as you hit the single digits. Make me proud kids!



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  • So do the burpees have a push up at the bottom and a jump at the top?

    Cody on

  • Great info. Thanks. I’ll be trying this today.

    WIllis on

  • Love the article, great tips ! Go hard!

    MEmo AGuilar on

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