17.1 Tips and Strategy from Talayna Fortunato

17.1 Tips and Strategy from Talayna Fortunato 4

Hi guys and welcome to the 2017 Open! As usual the Dave Castro has started off with a heck of a painful one!

That said, there are two things to consider in this workout to improve your score.  How you perform the movements and pacing.  You don't really need to think about how you're going to break them up because if you're pacing correctly you shouldn't have to.  Except maybe later on, on the dumbbells, we'll talk about that.  Let's get started on the movement strategies first, shall we?

The dumbbell snatch

  • You are allowed to transition the dumbbell at any point during the movement.  Doing it at the top seems rather dangerous, especially when you're tired so I'd say that one is out!  Some may want to switch on the way down.  If you've practiced this, it can be faster.  There are, however, two negatives to this gain in speed: most people aren't able to handle the increased cardiovascular tempo gained anyway and decelerating the weight enough to switch hands, places an additional eccentric load on your already pissed off posterior chain.  Do that for 150 reps and it adds up quick!  I, myself, am going to transition at the bottom. 
  • During the transition at the bottom, have your other hand close by, ready to grab and go.  Some people like to balance themselves with the other hand floating off in space, but then it takes time to get it back down and grab again, so don't! 
  • Most people are accustomed and conditioned to cycling barbells and pulling from the rig with a pronated or overhand grip.  I suggest using this on the dumbbell as well, but try it the other way too and see what is more comfortable for you.  I'm going overhand.  This means the dumbbell will go from left to right on the ground under you and not front to back. This girl would be crushed during the open, but this is what I mean...
  • She would also get a no rep because her arm is on her leg.  Obviously, she didn't read the standards!
  • Think of this like a real snatch and keep it close to your body on the way up and the way down.  No swinging it out in front, that's too inefficient.
  • If your shoulders start to fatigue, dip under by bending your knees to catch the dumbbell over head similar to a push jerk vs. a push press.
  • Finally, you don't have to pin the thing by your ear, you just have to have extended hips, knees, and arm overhead with the dumbbell over the center of your body.  If you lean a little to the side, it's actually easier to keep it over the center of your body and it's less taxing! You're welcome ;) 

The burpee box jump over

  • Sam Briggs may be the only person I know who can jump her feet together from the bottom of the burpee and then onto the box for this entire workout.  The rest of us humans will be way better off metabolically to step up from the burpee and then jump! 
  • The style over the box you use will dictate which muscle groups are going to fatigue.  If you stand all the way up, your back may get tired.  If you stay down in a squat, it will be your legs.  Play around with both styles and don't be afraid to switch them during the workout if one area is getting too fatigued.  
  • Don't waste time getting down to the ground off the box.  Gravity will assist you, I promise.  
  • It's actually the easiest part of the workout so don't dilly dally taking four or five steps to turn around.  Unless you're doing it for the pain face effect to show your peers how close to dying you are.  Then, by all means, look confused as hell as to where the box went every time and shuffle turning around! 


  • There are twice as many dumbbell snatches in this workout as burpees box jump overs, and much larger sets of them at the end.  The burpee box jump over is actually two movements too (I'd argue the workout is a triplet, but whatever!)  This gives your body a little more time to flush from arms back to legs again.  Hence, most of your pacing should be on the dumbbell.  
  • You can slow the snatch tempo down, but I wouldn't slow the transition in the bottom from hand to hand down too too much.  If you find yourself pausing too long at the bottom, you may want to start doing them in sets.  An isometric hold bent over or squatting down hovering over a dumbbell trying to catch your breath is not how you want to rest!  If you need a break, stand up or assume the hand on knees (gimme a second) and then go back into another set with quicker transitions in the bottom.  You won't look this happy though...

Potential issues

  • The biggest issue I can see here is people's backs blowing up.  The first instinct on the dumbbell is to hinge at the hips and use you back to pick it up.  If you're not prone to having your back lock up this may be fine, but if you are, you may want to consider starting the workout with more of a squat to get the dumbbell. This way, if the legs start to get too tired you can shift to more of a hip hinge and use your back later on.  Where as if you start back dominant and your back starts to tighten up, you will be using it on the burpees as well and there isn't really a place to hide.  It's also much easier to finish a workout with a leg pump than a back pump!  
  • Another word of caution I have to throw in as a P.T.  Do your best to maintain spinal integrity and avoid the Hunchback of Notre Dame snatching.  We want our back, especially the lower back, to remain erect throughout the movement.  

Odds and Ends

  • I would put the dumbbell to the side of your box, not at the end of your burpees like they did in the demo.  Every time you finish 15 burpees box jumo over, you have to walk all the way back to the far end of your workout area instead of to the side of your box again.  Those few steps over 5 transitions could be about 15-30sec. on your score, depending how confused you manage to look about the whole thing as mentioned earlier.  Wait what?
  • Tape your thumbs!  Especially if you hook grip, which everyone should do to most things they grip in daily life anyways. 
  • If you sweat a lot, wear some wrist bands or wrist wraps.  
  • The last thing you want is the dumbbell slipping out of your hands or stopping to look for chalk.  For me, it's just the feeling of the dumbbell getting slippery that's distracting.
  • Warm up well!  You want to get blood flowing to your back, hamstrings, and quads especially!  You also want to get a little lactic acid built up and then flushed during the warm up with some short sprint type stuff.  Think 20 sec. hard on the rower, with a full recovery a few rounds.  Then run through the movements (short sets) at a quicker pace than you plan on going, as well.  Just remember to dial it back at 3 2 1... Go.   

Oh yes, I almost forget the promotional pump.  If you even consider wearing lifters, smack your own self upside the head - that's a bad idea.  Wear your favorite Nano's!  Mine are the 6's.  And no one good wears Nike anyway.  Except for that guy who won last year because Rich was busy doing team again.  

Ok, so maybe he was kind of good, but he was wearing Reeboks at the Games, just saying...

I hope all of my tips help and everyone does their absolute best this week!  It's a long open, but it will be over before you know it so enjoy the time with your fitness community and have no regrets about your efforts!  Until next week friends! 

What’s Hiding in Your Chalk Bucket?

What’s Hiding in Your Chalk Bucket? 0

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2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.5 2

2016 16.6 Crossfit Open Strategy and tips

Alright kids... so I decided to do this one on Thursday night again. Mostly because I'm on the cusp of getting into the fast heat at Regionals and I wanted the chance to redo if necessary. After it was announced I realized I REALLY don't want to redo it so I really tried to go hard, but I will if I have to dammit. It was actually worse than I remember it being. I'm just glad it wasn't 15.5. I've never done that one and don't really ever plan on it! Now onto what you guys can do to improve on your scores from 2 years ago, and brag about how much fitter you are to all of your friends!

Things to consider:

  • This workout will be over 10 minutes for 99% of people. That ain't Fran! That's double or triple Fran, so pace accordingly. Meaning... thrusters will be unbroken but still not at Fran pace for the more elite, and broken appropriately for 99% of other people. If you know you aren't elite, do not do all 21 unbroken to start! Unless you like running head first into a wall of hurt. Consider 11/10 or 8/7/6.
  • Breaking reps should be done on thrusters, NOT BURPEES. Burpees can be slowed, but if you stop and stand there you're a ______ (insert self loathing). If you're breaking burpees you overextended and went too fast early on. (*Note if you are new to CrossFit the self loathing need not apply. I remember the first time I did 50 burpees in a row and I thought it would never end!)
  • When you do take momentary rests on thrusters, but you're not ready to break yet, rest with the bar overhead. Resting in the front rack cuts off your airway and is considerably harder!
  • Don't try to short your range of motion on the thrusters by stopping just below parallel. Go ahead and use the stretch shortening reflex to bounce out of the bottom. It adds a very minimal amount of time and will save your legs for later on.
  • This may be getting too technical, but consider widening your grip on thrusters and/or unwrapping your thumbs to get your elbows higher and save your shoulders and triceps. This workout will definitely tax them.
  • Keep your heart rate down on burpees by stepping in and out of them. Jumping your feet right to your hands and then jumping over will spike your heart rate quicker.
  • Also turn slightly during the jump over instead of a full 180 upon landing.

And that's about all's I got! It's a muscle endurance and aerobic testing workout. It's also a gut check so you're going to have to dig deep. The 15's and 12's are the worst rounds and then you can see a light at the end of the tunnel as you hit the single digits. Make me proud kids!



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2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.4

2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.4 5

2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.4

So we're getting close to the end of the Open now and we knew there'd have to be a chipper coming at some point. Well here it is! Remember these girls did it at altitude too! I got to do that once in 2013 and it was terrible! This workout is somewhat like the chipper from 2 years ago that ended in muscle-ups in that there's a lot of work on the front end but the crux, aka what really matters, is the gymnastics at the end. 

Not many people will get hung up on deadlifts or wall balls with significant rest periods or staring at the bar/ball, and they better not need to break the row. The HSPU on the other hand may have more wall staring contests going it. They can get to small sets and even singles quickly, making them the separator. 

Thoughts on each movement:


  • Warm up the posterior chain well. 
  • The first rep is always the hardest, so try to do as few sets as possible. This doesn't mean do a set of 20, then all 3s. Be smart about it and honest about your capabilities. 
  • Stay tight on the descent and use the energy of the ground and stretch reflex to help you back up. 
  • Use a mixed grip if you don't already. 

Wall Balls

  • You'll probably feel like a baby deer here at first but it will pass just get your bearings and settle in. 
  • Again larger sets are best, but if you know you're going to end up with sets of 10 or less than best to start with them and take very short breaks. 
  • Stand far enough from the wall that you aren't getting hit with the ball or air balling. 


  • Not a lot to say here. It's more of your recovery period but you still want to get thru it in a reasonable time so no sandbagging! 
  • Set the damper slightly lower than when you're rowing for meters. The fly wheel will spin easier and get more calories between strokes. (I think it's science or something).


  • Get straight to the wall and start. This workout goes pull push pull push. You may be tired but not in the muscle group that's coming next, so you should be able to start right into the reps even if you don't think so at first. 
  • Once your first set starts to slow, it's time to come down. No going to failure! The sets should be speedy with slight breaks. No resting in a handstand. That's wasted energy. 
  • Kip! If you don't know how learn! If you do know how be sure to use your hips. This means no short kipping with just a knee bend. Let your hips curl off the wall so your low back touches and you have a better loading mechanism to explode up with. 

You should really only need a belt for this workout. Maybe tape on your thumbs and the wall! Make sure you understand where to place the tape line too. I think this one will be a climatic one at the end. Get ready to cheer on HSPUs, and after this we only have one more workout to celebrate all this fitness with during the 2016 Open, so embrace your opportunity. Some would love to have it! 

2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.3 0

Talayna's Tips and Strategy 2016 Crossfit Games Open 16.3Hi guys!

So another surprise in the 2016 CrossFit Games Open with a new movement introduced... the bar muscle-up. Who saw that coming? I honestly thought we might, but wrestled with it just because some gyms don't have single rails. That said if yours doesn't start making friends! 

Thoughts on this workout:

Lots of upper body pulling and pushing. Make sure you get some good flow to both muscle groups (including forearms) in your warm up! Not necessarily by doing a bunch of bar muscle-ups, but easier things like push ups and rowing and then hit the movements a "little" before the workout. 

  • For most people the workout will be bar muscle-up limited, so you will want to pace the snatches enough to start right into them when you drop the barbell. i.e. no standing and staring at the pull-up bar recovering because you felt like you had to go unbroken. Most people will need to break the snatches early on in order to pace them correctly. I usually like picking descending numbers because it helps mentally. So start with 6/4, then 4/3/3, etc. you get me. 
  • The guys tonight were muscle snatching. If you have a beast of an upper body along with great muscle endurance that's cool. Most humans however will want to think about using their hips a bit more and catching with a slight knee bend.
  • Thumbs! Grip will definitely be taxed by this workout so use your strongest digit... your thumb! You want to hook grip the barbell and put your thumbs around the pull-up bar as well. Not to mention it's safer and you'll be less likely to end up in some video flying off the bar that goes viral this weekend! Also think about relaxing your grip at the top of the bar muscle-up and snatch just to give it a rest. 
  • The second bar muscle-up is always easier so try to keep them strung together. If you rest between reps rest on top of the bar.
  • This workout has a LOT of transitions so the more time you can limit there the better! i.e. bars close together, chalk (if needed) super accessible, and for gosh sakes don't walk around when it starts to hurt. People always do this. Where are they going? You can't leave, you're in this, so might as well stay where you are! Ok rant over, next...
  • Hand protection! This may get to be a lot of bar muscle-ups. Think about taping your hands or using protective grips for this one. Unless you like the sting of shampoo on raw skin!
  • This is not a sprint, but it's not 16.1 either. Output should be high the whole time, but not 100%, more like 90ish. Think of it as running a 800m. For the elite think triple Fran. Now that just sounds awful! 

This looks like a fun one. I'm doing it Saturday instead of Thursday this time. One and done seems to be better for me than trying to repeat them. I have a better strategy the second go round, but not enough in the tank again to execute it. Such is life! So now that ya'll have your strategies ready, go forth and dominate 16.3!


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2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.2

2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.2 0

2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.1 with Talayna

16.2 can kiss my A$$... Ok maybe that's not the best way to start a strategy post. Let me try again... I will be repeating this workout Sunday. I paced too much at the beginning.

With that in mind here are my suggestions:

1) Take advantage of the running clock and try to gain ground at the beginning by going faster on the lighter barbells. You'll need the time when it gets heavy at the end. 

2) The TTB get to be a lot quick! They are a great movement for me, but I still felt their effect on my core. Break them with very short rest. You definitely want to try to avoid resorting to singles!

3) Do the double-unders unbroken if you can and take your rest on the barbell instead, in between reps. 

4) Use the stretch reflex to bounce out of your cleans. It will save your legs.

5) Knee sleeves! I never wear them usually but they make me feel stronger on game day ;-)

6) Set your plates out neatly in the order they're going to be put on. Write on a board for your weight changer what they're adding each round just to avoid any mistakes. 

7) Wear a shirt. By the time you get to the last bars you'll be sweating and it will slide on your shoulders. 

8) During the cleans do not step away from the bar! Do not go walking around like an animal in pain! Do not let your feet move! Stay right where you are, as close to the bar as you can, until you're ready to pick that ish up again!!!

This is one you can repeat too so might as well! Go for it on Friday and then again Sunday or Monday. It's also one you will probably do better on the second time around. Hopefully next time 16.2 will kiss my A$$! Until next week kids!


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2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.1

2016 CrossFit Open Strategy and Tips for 16.1 0

Hi kids! (I'm a master's in weightlifting now so I can say that!) I hit 16.1 tonight just so I could give you guys some strategy tips! Actually no, I did it because I work all day tomorrow and wanted the option to repeat the workouts this year. But you will get the benefit of my first hand experience through pain valley.

The word of the day is PACE. Brought to you by the number 20! My closest comparison of this workout is to running a 5k. You go out with a pace that's pretty sustainable and comfortable and around half way it becomes significantly less comfortable but you still try to hold it! If you go out too hard not only will you be in a world of hurt, your score won't be as good as if you'd paced it well. The first half you should not feel like you're working over 80-85%. The 15min. mark will take you to 90% and then it's a gut check to the end.

Other helpful movement tips:

  • Play with the grip width on your overhead lunges. You have to be wide enough to keep your arms locked out. But you want to go closer than your snatch grip to save your shoulders from fatigue. I went somewhere between the two and did a wide grip clean and jerk to get it up each time. 
  • Do some practice rounds and figure out your optimal step length, then make sure you hold that number consistent. Hint: the longer the steps the fewer the lunges (duh Talayna), but not so wide that your legs are working too much harder. What you don't want is in later rounds to start getting to the last line slightly short and to have to start adding a lunge every time. 
  • Burpees are going to save time and energy over the long haul (and this is a damn long haul!) if you use a step in and step out approach. Think of it like a lunge step towards your hands and then back out. Play with it, but what you don't want is: burpee, stand straight up, step step, jump, step step, turn then back down. Wasted time! 
  • Also if you can keep your chest lower and not stand up all the way then do. Long as you take off of and land back on two feet you're good! 
  • For once the chest to bar are not the limiting factor in an open workout. If you're good at them go unbroken as long as you can. If you start to break them just make the rest periods short. 
  • This may seem obvious but put your bar as close to your pull-up bar as you can. 
  • Chalk your pull-up bar well before hand but also put a block right beside it if you need more. 
  • This is a workout where seconds each round over the course of the workout make a huge difference. Minimize rest and transition times as much as possible. Pacing should be done by slowing the lunges and burpees not by standing in place for very long to rest.
  • If you tend to rip think about protecting your hands, knee sleeves help to protect your knees on the lunges, and if you're a significant sweater consider wrist wraps.

Lastly, have fun! And remember it doesn't always have to be fun to be fun! This is one of those you just feel accomplished for having done. My ass is thanking me right now for all of that I accomplished tonight. I see some RoMWoD in my future tomorrow!

Until next week :-)





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Stay Educated about the Benefits of 2XU Compression

Stay Educated about the Benefits of 2XU Compression 0


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1. Muscle Containment

2. Increased Blood Flow

3. Proprioception

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    Third, Proprioception. What does that mean? From Latin proprius, meaning "one's own", "individual," and capio, capere, to take or grasp, is the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. Ok, so what does that mean to the athlete? It raises awareness of posture in space, heightens alertness and agility, Increases postural support and sensory awareness resulting in faster reaction, quicker foot strikes.

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    Designed and engineered with the high endurance athlete in mind, Virus's performance apparel keeps pace with the latest in nanotechnology, technical fabrics and biomechanical patterning. For example, the COOL JADE material has been infused through nanotechnology with recycled Jade, to create a natural cooling effect on the body.

    Available in Men's and Women's shorts, cropped and full length pants.

    If the athlete on your list is looking to bring the future into their workout, check out our VIRUS Collection page

    • Bridgett Chandley

    Healthy and Easy Paleo Recipes for the Holidays 0

    Cook Book RecipesNow that Fall is upon us and the Holiday season is just around the corner, I thought it was time to talk turkey. Turkey, pumpkin, soups, squash and all the other yummy tastes that come along with the the shorter Autumn days.  Nutritionists say meal and food prep is the name of the game when it comes to eating healthy.  So I have come up with a selection of some of my favorite Paleo recipes from some of our cookbooks to save you time and help keep you on track. If you would know someone who loves to cook, these make a great gift or give a gift to yourself, they can be found here in our Paleo cookbooks collection.


    Paleo Slow Cooking by Chrissy Gower   

    • Try Chrissy’s Hearty Butternut Squash Soup. Anytime I can make a dinner in the slow cooker I feel like I am accomplishing so much more in a day.  In my opinion, soup typically tastes better the next day but this recipe cooked in a slow cooker tastes rich and hearty right out of the pot and  it produces the most delicious leftovers, if you have any left.

    Make-Ahead Paleo by Sarah Fragoso

    • Sarah is one of the original Paleo superstars and for good reason. I have always had great success with her recipes and her Make-Ahead Paleo cookbook is no exception. So many of the recipes in this book remind me of all the things I love about Fall and will have friends and family asking for seconds.  Some of my favorites from Sarah’s latest book to make for a crowd are Apple Cider Chicken Thighs, Paleo Party Mix, and the Pumpkin Pie Bars. Doesn’t that sound like am amazing Sunday football menu?

    The Paleo Chocolate Lovers’s Cookbook by Kelly Brozyna

    • Don’t let the beautiful picture on the cover intimidate you. Kelly does a great job explaining ingredients, equipment and the right kind of chocolate to use to keep in Paleo.  You may also think this cookbook is exclusive to desserts but think again.  You will also find savory dishes like Tomato & Cherry Chicken Cutlets and a Chili recipes that are complimented by chocolate. Highlights for me have been the Paleo Hazelnut Pancakes with Chocolate Syrup, think Paleo Nutella, YUM!, the Aztec Hot Chocolate has also been a hit with my family.

    There are so many amazing, delicious and Paleo friendly recipes out there that staying healthy during the holidays has become easier and easier.  You will not only impress your guests with your delicious food but also and give them a gift of healthy eating this holiday season.

    • Bridgett Chandley